It is not only well-written books that will remain, but especially those that will speak close to the heart of the people.
Yervand Otyan

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Yervand Otyan

Ottoman Armenian writer, satirist, journalist, publicist, literary critic and translator

  • In 1915, when the Armenian Genocide began in the Ottoman Empire, Otyan, along with some other Armenian cultural figures, was exiled to the Syrian desert, after which he immediately went to the city of Deir ez-Zor, where due to his knowledge of French and Turkish he managed to get the position of a translator at the German consulate.
  • Otyan was destined to say a new word, to pass a new path especially in our political satire.
  • The satirical novel by Yervand Otyan, “Comrade B. Panjuni,” became the crowning glory of the famous satirist.
Yervand Otyan

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