"People surrounding me were full of enthusiasm and determination to build our country's future." Armenian businessman:

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"The highest achievements of economic thought are revealed during the economic downturn."

Bukhval's law

It is no secret that for Armenia to face modern regional and global challenges, Armenia needs a strong, stable economy. And the private sector - Armenian entrepreneurs - play a pivotal role in overcoming poverty and achieving economic prosperity in the midst of economic crises, political and humanitarian shocks.

One of them, who is ready to withstand all these challenges, overcome any obstacles and succeed is a private entrepreneur, the director of Metall Still CJSC, Yerevan Steel Pipe Plant Norik Hakobjanyan, who can be considered to be a hero of our time.

"In general, I love engineer's profession, because I see great creative potential in it. In my life I have tried not to repeat what someone else did, but to do something new," Norik Hakobjanyan said in his interview with Hay Dzayn, adding that the path to success was difficult, preceding it with many difficult years and hard work.

"First, I started to study well, from the beginning I was always the first, both at school and at the university. Now I have a senior status at the factory, "says Mr. Hakobjanyan smiling.

However, the tireless desire to engage in my beloved business, the support and enthusiasm of the close people brought their expected fruits - the manager of the company has been awarded several awards such as "Golden Jaguar", "Honorable Glory" and "Golden Prize": Recently, Mr. Hakobjanyan participated in the "Regional Metal Trade Development 2017" conference in Cyprus, where he was honored with an honorary diploma.

"In 1985, In Aghavnadzor village, we constructed a new plant from Zero, which was the branch of "Yeraz" factory and performed the orders of that factory. Besides our orders, we have produced many other specific products. When the Sumgait events started, the "Yeraz" plant was paralyzed as the windows and insulation of "ErAZ" thermally isolated trucks and foam plastic were needed for thermal insulation from Sumgait. It was a very important task for me to assist the "Yeraz" factory. From zero we started the production of foam plastic and at the same time we started to work with heat treatment of glass for "Yeraz" cars. I conducted parallel negotiations for the acquisition of raw materials and organized the production of necessary equipment and goods on the spot, "said the entrepreneur.

According to him, thanks to the patriotism of the company's staff, the "Yeraz" plant successfully came out of that crisis.

"We supplied the factory with glass and foam plastic. Then there was a necessity to increase the volume of the foam because the disaster zone and foreign companies that came to restore the disaster zone had a distinct problem with the lightweight construction of the walls of the building, which were prepared by the following scheme: concrete-fixture-foam concrete. We received great orders and our wonderful staff, consisting of 70 people, started working actively in that direction, in three-dimensional mode, ie 24 hours a day, "said Mr. Hakobjanyan added that the country was blockaded and there was a lack of different goods in Armenia.

"It has always been a problem for me to find out what is currently a deficit in the republic. I would like to say that we worked parallel to the front, cooperated with Yerevan factories, making details for some types of weapons. At the same time, there was a lack of agricultural machinery of different types in the country, we were able to produce all kinds of agricultural products. The Aghavnadzor plant, as the beginning and birthplace of my biography, will always work, it's the only thing left from the Eraz factory, "the director added.

Then, in Yeghegnadzor, a small branch of the Aghavnadzor factory was founded, which mainly provided certain services to the local population; individual orders for the production of various metal items and tools - doors, gates, networks, etc. were adopted. There was also a car maintenance service that was the only one in the area. There was no such service from Yerevan to Karabakh.

"Then it turned out that my desires are bigger, and the opportunities in the village are few. I decided to establish a trade point in Yerevan. There was such a problem: our products mostly sold in the shops of the capital, it was rather complicated to work with 20-30 stores. I had to set up a small trading point in which mainly the products of Aghavnadzor plant were sold. Having examined the demand of customers, we started importing products from corners, pipes, plates and etc. from Ukraine, Turkey and Iran in 2000. When the volume of goods increased, the demand was examined and it turned out that a large percentage of round and quadric pipes were found there.

I did the calculations and decided to go to risk and build a steel pipe plant in Yerevan," added Mr. Hakobjanyan.

Thus, in 2007, The construction of Metall Still, a steel pipe plant in Yerevan, started in Charbakh.

"In this area, we have been buying multiple, decayed buildings, buildings that have been privatized, plundered and robbed. After acquiring the premises, we started construction work, and laid the basis for the production lines. At that time, not only in me, but also in all the people standing next to me, there was an intense desire to build something. I was able to gather around people with whom I could work for the sake of the country. And thanks God, it turned out that in August 2009 we already presented the first product. My Ukrainian and Iranian counterparts have also helped me in that. Besides, I collaborated with the well-known Dnepropetrovsk Pipe Institute. By inviting the best specialists, teaching staff, organizing classes, we have formed a brilliant collective, " said Mr. Hakobjanyan proudly.

At present there are about 65 people working in the factory, as well as stores and warehouses, as well as about 180 employees in the Yeghegnadzor branch. Now the enterprise is one of the largest taxpayers of the republic. According to Hakobjanyan, it is an exceptional case when an individual enterprise appears in the list of major taxpayers.

"I read the newspaper when I was in the village. I must say that I was very excited. At that time all the plans were developing simultaneously, and I was under big loans. Since there was a store where wholesale trade was made and a factory was established on that basis, there was a need to open the sales frontier. I also bought two trade points on Ashtarak and Tbilisi highways. That's how we prepared for selling the factory's products. About 30 percent of the factory's products are now sold at our stores, and 70 percent go directly to buyers, "said a private entrepreneur proudly.

2007 Founded in Yerevan Steel Pipe Plant, Metall Stil CJSC is one of the leading companies in the region, producing about 250 units of steel pipes.

The company has major and auxiliary production complexes, branches, ready-made warehouses, a transport fleet in different regions of Armenia, as well as highly qualified personnel.

The company's products comply with international standards that operate in the YATM area. The raw material is obtained from Ukraine, Russia, and partly from Turkey.

One of the main priorities of the factory is the development and expansion of the product range, the implementation of modern market ideas, as well as the production of new competitive products.

Interview by Gohar Isakhanyan

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