"Summer, corked in a bottle": dandelion wine of Armenian origin

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"The idea of ​​making dandelion wine arose purely out of curiosity - after reading the book of the famous American writer Ray Bradbury "Dandelion Wine". I wanted to find a similar wine for a gift, but it turned out that in fact it does not exist. And then I myself began to look for a recipe for making dandelion wine", - Gagik Tamazyan - a diplomat, specializing in wine making, who the idea of making dandelion wine belongs to - said in an interview with "Hay Dzayn ".

As the winemaker-diplomat noted, in Ray Bradbury’s book wine is presented as an idea of "summer, corked in a bottle", which, however, has nothing to do with the production process. "After a long and vain search, I decided to make this wine myself. This took me more than three years. Along the way, communicating with specialists, studying the field, we were able to create a unique technology of its kind - molecular wine", - he noted.

Explaining the essence of the term "molecular wine", Tamazyan, first of all, noted that only a drink made from grapes is considered real wine by experts, all other fruit drinks are not wine, according to them.

"Although our wine is not made from grapes, nevertheless, during its production, the molecular structure of grapes is used. We take the raw materials of any of the fruits or plants, get the juice out of them, then, changing the molecular structure of the juice and making it identical to the molecular structure of one of the grape varieties - without changing the taste and smell. Everything else is aligned with the grapes. No chemical additives, of course, are used in the process", - Tamazyan said.

The further wine producing process is carried out by standard technology. "This is the reason why we can say that our products are to some extent wine products, although molecular", - he said, adding that wine is based on a molecular structure, but people will have the opportunity for a wider choice.

This type of production is one and only in the world and the copyright to it belongs to Gagik Tamazyan and his company. The production technology is kept secret.

As the winemaker notes, the wine is prepared exclusively from the yellow dandelion petals collected in the mountainous areas, so that they are “clean and flawless”. The drink is poured into hand-made glass containers, which allows to protect wine from external flavors and other effects.

Currently, the company is working on the creation of wines from bananas and chocolate. There are also goals for producing stronger alcoholic beverages with a high content of Armenian origin ingredients.

"To prepare this drink, old Armenian recipes from the Bagratid times will be used, as well as local fruits and flowers. That is, we want to get various taste combinations. We will not limit ourselves to the use of one recipe", - the winemaker explained. According to him, now they have one task: to explain, to tell people what molecular wine is, so that they do not get the wrong idea that it is supplemented by chemical or other artificial additives. According to our interlocutor, this is a completely new phenomenon, which should eventually spread among people.

Interviewer: Gohar Makaryan

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