Compared to 2016, the prices have increased substantially

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The RA National Statistical Service has published the "Consumer Price Index in the Republic of Armenia in January-November 2017". Compared to 2016, prices have increased substantially. 452 goods-services were examined in Yerevan and ten provinces. The items are grouped into three groups and each group of base items are subject to price surveillance once per month (1, 10 or 20 of each month) with the exception of fresh fruits, vegetables, fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel), whose price collection is performed at all base facilities 3 times per month (on 1st, 10th and 20th and nearest days) Examples:

Non-alcoholic beverages rose by 2%.

Bakery and groats decreased by 0.2%.

Meat has risen by 1.6%.

Dairy products and eggs have gone up by 3.5%.

Fruits have risen by 13 %.

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