27 years ago this very day liberation of Shushi began

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27 years ago, on May 8, Artsakh Shushi was taken by storm. Some call the operation “Liberation of Shushi”, others - “capture”. But for the residents of Stepanakert and other settlements who lived in basements because of the constant shelling from Shushi, it doesn’t matter what they call today. The important thing is that people - for the first time in many months - came out to get some fresh air and saw the Sun for the first time in many months. Bright, like the fact of liberating Shushi.

In the history of the Karabakh war, May 8, perhaps, will be remembered as a turning point - it was on this day that the operation “Wedding in the mountains” began, which changed not only the course of the Karabakh war, but also the mentality of Armenians who realized that it was possible to win.

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