Tankian’s "Orca" amazed Armenian audience

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A. Khach`atryani p`arhatoni ent`ats`k`owm knerkayats`vi  T`ankyani <<Orka>> simfonian. Sergey Smbatyan_25208

"Every year we present new songs, world premieres to music lovers. This year we will perform Serj Tankian's" Orka "Symphony." Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia, Sergey Smbatyan spoke about the 5th Aram Khachaturian International Festival.

According to Smbatyan, the performance of Tankian's great symphony will become a stimulus for young musicians. "It is very important to understand the music you are performing, next to classical music, we perform jazz and rock, allowing similar projects. Therefore, audiences with different musical taste can find their music within this festival. "

Smbatyan also mentioned that the presence of world-renowned actor John Malkovich and his participation in the festival has proved that the festival has really succeeded.

To note, Hollywood star John Malkovich will present with the State Youth Orchestra of Armenia an excerpt from Ernesto Sabato's "The Heroes and Graves", accompanied by the concerto of outstanding composer Alfred Schnittke's piano and orchestra.

And classical music lovers will be able to enjoy many symphonic and chamber concerts, including premiers, within the framework of Khachaturian International Festival. Serj Tankian's Orka Symphony, "Khachatryan and Jazz" concert will be presented. Famous pianists Gloria Kamppa, Levon Karapetyan, violinists David Nebel, Mark Bushkov and others will perform.

Khachaturian's 5th international festival is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Hovhannes Aivazovsky.

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