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Mkrtich Khrimian

The Armenian blogger, wanted by Azerbaijan, reached Yerevan

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Adrbejani koghmits` hetakhowzvogh hay blogere Erewanowm e_79167

The well-known Belarusian blogger of Armenian origin Vlad Maga (Vladislav Movsesov), who shot a scandalous video about his trip to Azerbaijan, is in Armenia.

Tigran Kocharyan, an expert on information security issues, posted a joint photo with the video blogger from Yerevan on his Facebook page.

"He is in his historical homeland, in the circle of amazing friends", - Kocharian wrote in the photo description.

Earlier, the Belarusian blogger posted a video message on YouTube, where he told that Azerbaijan had declared him on an international wanted list, so he had to leave Belarus.

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