Poverty must be eliminated from the country. Chairman of the Supreme Council of ADL (Video)

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Aghk`atowt`yowne petk` e verana erkrits`. RhAK Geragowyn khorhrdi nakhagah (Tesanyowt`)_22106

If the Pan-Armenian Council is formed and the Diaspora interferes with domestic political issues in Armenia, it will be a failure. This was stated by Vardan Nazirеan, Chairman of the Supreme Council of ADL, in an interview with "Armenia-Diaspora, 6th Conference" entitled "Mutual Confidence, Unity and Responsibility".






"The local Armenians should decide the internal political situation. The Diaspora can make its investments, make suggestions. It is Serzh Sargsyan, Karen Karapetyan, that is, the name is not important; the important thing is to act. The person who the people would see that person shoul be the chosen one, "he said.




According to the leader of the Supreme Council of the ADL, it is important to soften the poverty in the country, so immigration gets better.


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