Tree years after the four-day April war

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Three years ago, on April 2, along the Artsakh-Azerbaijani contact line, military operations began, which were later called war, confrontation, clash, etc. However, in fact, the incident became a serious test for the Armenian armed forces that once again managed to demonstrate their military abilities and readiness to defend their native lands. A long-held opinion that the current youth will not fight for their motherland in the event of a possible war was refuted, and the April war became a kind of test, proving that the younger generation can not only be equal to the heroes of the previous Artsakh war, but in many cases also surpass them. The war became a test for the army, revealing not only its resilience, but certain omissions and shortcomings as well.

The defense of our borders cost us a very high price: 59 soldiers, sergeants and officers were killed during the four days of hostilities. As a result of periodic clashes, until May 15, the number of victims reached 106 people, including four civilians. The opponent's side did not specify the exact number of losses, they also refused to give their names, but due to outside sources it became known that their losses amounted to 450-550 people.

According to the military-analytical centers’ research, Azerbaijan that has spent about $ 30 billion in armaments and armed forces over the past 10 years, has failed completely. Against 18-20-year-old soldiers of the Armenian army, specially trained and better armed units fought, who, however, suffered huge losses. Therefore, given their military and financial capabilities, many specialists estimate the seizure of the contact line’s 800 hectares territory by the Azerbaijani side as a complete collapse.

The Armenian Armed Forces, first of all, are indebted to their success for the guys who did not retreat a single step and stopped the enemy's offensive at the cost of their lives. They fought in the name of defending the borders of their motherland to the last drop of blood. In this war, many have distinguished themselves with their courage, many have died heroic death, forever inscribing their names in history and becoming an example of courage for the future generations. Junior sergeant Robert Abajyan was posthumously awarded with the title of the Hero of Artsakh, Adam Sahakyan, Andranik Zohrabyan, Kyaram Sloyan and many others were posthumously awarded with fighting cross and medal for courage.

About 30% of the dead military servicemen were officers who stood shoulder to shoulder with ordinary soldiers until the end, leading them to battle and covering them with their own chest. Captain Armenak Urfanyan, Senior Lieutenant Tigran Poghosyan and many others immortalized their names in the April war.

The four-day war once again proved that the spirit of the Armenian armed forces is firm and indestructible, but our army needs radical changes, which is already realized with the unity of the people and the army.

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Author: Armen Manvelyan

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