Armenian is the language to speak to God

Armenian is the language to speak to God.


A catastrophe that can still be avoided

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When the Cathedral of the Holy See of Holy Etchmiadzin territory seemed to be completely liberated from the "spiritual and religious cream of our society" through the efforts of the police, causing a violent reaction in the network, I immediately warned my friends that this was just a temporary retreat. Part of the representatives of our society, taking advantage of the changes that have taken place in the country, for unknown reasons started to deliberately destroy the foundations of the state. 

Who are these people? Who is their leader? These questions must be answered by the authorities that have received the mandate of people's trust, and they must do this fairly quickly, as the events develop in an extremely unfavorable direction. I will try to justify the abovementioned.  

Some Koryun - an incomprehensible person in the spiritual sense with incomprehensible views, together with several dozen of his supporters decided to stand at the helm of the love revolution, now in the spiritual field. From the very beginning it was obvious that this initiative would not succeed, it is clear that this was a touchstone, followed by a new one - a stronger blow to the state of Armenia.

I will briefly explain why. Such "spiritual power", first of all, will not be perceived and recognized by the Diaspora, which today expects national unity from us, linking its further steps with unity. This is a simple and understandable pragmatism. However, before leaving the Cathedral, this Koryun made another public statement. This time, to Sparapet, and in order to understand that the next blow would be exactly in this direction, one does not need to have special analytical abilities. And it happened.

Immediately a Facebook post appeared and spread on the network by a "well-informed" lady, in which, in her opinion, the true image of Vazgen Sargsyan was presented to the public. Let's leave aside the street lexicon and absurd accusations, according to which, again, in her opinion, Sparapet was reconquered to the ground. The resume of this woman was horrible, which simply cannot be imagined completely. "AND AFTER THIS ALL, YOU STILL SURPRISE, WHY DID THE NAIRI PATRIOT SHOOT? You consider Nairi to be the doer of Kocharyan's will and cover Vazgen's real image so that when the younger generation asks "why Nairi killed" the hero "Vazgen, you answered that he was fulfilling Kocharyan's will, not disclosing the truth that in fact Vazgen did not serve in the army, he never was on the border, did not participate in any battles, to be called a hero or Sparapet, and that he was the greatest evil for the people and a traitor. THEREFORE NAIRI SAVED THE COUNTRY AND PEOPLE FROM THIS EVIL. And YOU HAVE TURNED IT INTO THE IDOL ... AS YOU, DECEIVED, JAILED AND UNHEALTHY ".

Here questions arise, first of all, to state security agencies. What other form can terrorist calls aimed at statehood can have, if not the same as this nonsense? Whence this lady took this information, which is an obvious public statement about high treason and grave crimes, which should immediately be taken into consideration by the relevant investigative bodies. Is it really not clear that our enemies are HIGHLY FOCUSED on this fierce campaign against our state symbols (the Armenian Apostolic Church, also, Sparapet, who won the war), as the network entirely offers such an opportunity.

Is it not obvious that when the time comes, this entire, at the international competent authorities in a very organized manner and based on information courtesy of our sources, will be directed at the final failure of the results of the national liberation struggle of Artsakh? The next question is: to what extent does the struggle launched by certain interested parties against the Church and Vazgen contribute to the security of Artsakh and the combat readiness of military personnel and command staff on combat positions? Do not you think that we are dealing with yet another experimental step by which they want to check the vigilance of our people and inject another dose of poison into the veins of the love revolution, and it’s a conspiracy, above all aimed against the revolution? Should not this be explained to these forces?

And finally purely in the moral plane... in this case, how to deal with Karen Demirchyan, Yuri Bakhshyan, other politicians, killed during the events of October 27? They, too, along with Grachev and Vazgen, "entered into a criminal conspiracy with the enemy"?

Honorables, the situation is very serious. The people who believed in the new authorities supported them and are ready to support them further. However, to support is also to remind: the revolution devours its children (recall Danton). For the authorities of the country, it is time to clearly and unequivocally declare to our people that no one ever will be allowed to destroy the foundations of our state. And that all of us - patriotic and pro-state citizens, regardless of age, gender and political views, are ready to stand up for you if necessary. In the opposite case, it's even frightening to imagine what disaster awaits not only Armenia, but the Armenians on the whole.


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