Armenian Museum of America updating its space

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The Armenian Museum of America in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, is updating its space under the leadership of new Executive Director Jennifer Liston Munson. The museum will open its new gallery to public in November.

Before becoming executive director, Munson had collaborated on many projects and exhibitions with the Armenian Museum.

She wants the museum to be a place where Armenian-Americans can connect to their heritage, and also a place where people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds can learn how integrated the Armenian experience is with American culture and identity, according to

The structure’s edifice is brick, while the interior is concrete. It is designed in the fashion of brutalist architecture, which according to Munson creates a perfect metaphor for the Armenian people. She said the architecture is meant to be strong, durable, and create a safe place. The Armenian people have endured genocide, diaspora, and the structure’s design is an ode to that struggle.

Munson is also introducing new exhibition concepts. To do this, she is organizing cultural events. Some might feature Armenian music, of Armenian cooking, but the idea is to bring art alive.

Munson is also creating an introduction gallery at the front of the museum entrance, and it will highlight different Armenian artifacts every month.

According to Jennifer Liston Munson, many of the museum’s artifacts are interesting not just because of their historical significance, but because of their journeys as objects of witness and survival.

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