Arshak Chopanyan's activities as an ADL member

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Arshak Ch`opanyani gortsowneowt`yowne, orpes RhAK andam_65568

An intellectual from birth, a publicist, a poet and a devoted political figure, a member of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) Arshak Chopanyan, who was awarded the honorary title of ambassador of Armenian culture, put a lot of effort to protect Hay Dat.

Since the ADL's foundation, Arshak Chopanyan was a member of the party, and soon - in 1926, he was elected chairperson of the Central Board of the Ramkaar Azatakan Party (1926-1929).

As the chairperson of the party, he went to the United States for 9 months for organizational purposes and achieved significant success. Chopanyan also launched cultural activities, lecturing at a number of universities. Along with this, he was collecting donations to help the victims of the Leninakan earthquake (ADL took the most active part in helping the victims).

On the initiative of Chopanyan, the youth club “Yerevan” was founded in Boston, and upon returning from the USA, Chopanyan published his ideas about the future of the party in the press.  

In August 1931, a general parliamentary congress of the ADL was convened, during which Arshak Chopanyan was elected a member of the Central Board of the party. He was twice a member of the editorial body of the political, public and literary newspaper “Apaga” in Paris.

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