ADL Armavir youth club summed up the work done and discussed the prospects

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Ashkhatank`neri amp`op`owm ew herhankarner Armaviri RhAK eritasardakan akowmbowm_93019

On September 2, the Armavir Youth Club of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) held a regular meeting, the purpose of which was to summarize the results of the work conducted, also, discuss plans for the fall.

First of all, the successes of the “Arpi” FC, as well as the progress of the training, were discussed. Coaching staff of the club is currently solving the assigned tasks with all responsibility, leading the team to new achievements and successes. The FC’s forthcoming participation in group A of the championship of Armenia serves as a confirmation of this.

The results of free courses of English language and drawing, held in ADL Armavir club, were also discussed.

The meeting discussed the club's upcoming plans, questions of promoting party’s activities, organizing youth events, spreading party’s ideology at the city and rural level, as well as implementing new initiatives and programs.

At the end of the meeting, the deputy chairman was elected. By a unanimous decision of the club members, Taron Mkrtchyan was elected deputy chairman.

Translation: Lusine Melkonyan

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