Armenian is the language to speak to God

Armenian is the language to speak to God.


The 96th Anniversary of ADL in Athens

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At`enk`owm nshvel e RhAK  96-rd taredardze  (Lowsankarner)_30568

The 96th anniversary commemoration of ADLP in Athens took place on 12 Nov, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel , Athens.  There was a full house.  In attendance were several representatives of grassroots organisation in addition to the leadership, members and supporters. After the opening statement by the Secretary of the local chapter, Mr. Zaven Krikorian, the chairperson, Mr. Hagop Fesdjian, delivered an address in Greek highlighting the reasons behind this commemoration.


The keynote speaker was Dr. Hratch Kouyoumjian, the General Secretary of the ADLP Supreme Council invited specially  from London to deliver the keynote address. Speaking in Armenian,  he gave a brief presentation of the history  and the evolution of the party , saying "the party throughout its long history has remained unchanged in its democratic and liberal ideology and as a promoter of good governance and most importantly in its unwavering support of Armenia irrespective of its government or political colour. He expanded on the new vision of the party as Armenia centred,  and described the various approaches taken in making the Party more relevant to Armenia and the Diaspora in these new and rapidly changing world.


A brief video presentation from Yerevan  was followed by a musical moment by a singer, a guitar and a duduk player to the applause of the audience. A small reception followed the commemoration.






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