Today is Boghos Nubar Pasha's birthday

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Boghos Nubar Pasha, Son of Nubar Pasha (three times prime minister of Egypt), founder of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), was born on August 2, 1851 in Constantinople.

He received his education in Egypt and France. His engineer and public civil activities in Egypt include working on Cairo water supply and irrigation in the Sudan. He was one of the founders of Heliopolis. He had become a banker and corporate officer in a number of companies and, like his father, was granted the title of pasha.

Boghos Nubar Pasha fought for the Armenian cause. Armenian National Constitution (approved form of the "Code of Regulations" composed of 150 articles drafted by the Armenian intelligentsia) assigned by the powers of Patriarch (position in Ottoman Millet) and formed "Armenian National Assembly". This code is still active among Armenian Church in diaspora.

The massacres of the Armenians in 1895-1896 in Turkey and especially the Armeno-Caucasian Tatars clashes in Transcaucasia, beginning in 1905, had a sobering effect on the Armenian middle class of Egypt.

Liberals and disenchanted socialists felt that there was a need for a world-wide Armenian philanthropic organization. On Easter day (April 15), 1906, ten Armenian professionals met at Boghos Nubar's mansion in Cairo and drafted the by-laws of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU). So, Boghos Nubar founded with others the AGBU, the president of which he remained until 1928.

In 1912, he was appointed by the Catholicos Gevorg V to be head of an Armenian delegation in Paris to co-ordinate pro-Armenian activities and publicize the Armenian case.

He has also been considered as one of the prominent Armenian figures in the Ottoman Empire. This proceeding was a step for Russian and French policy in Constantinople almost at the same moment on March 15, 1913. Boghos Nubar, the Ambassador, repeatedly asserts that the Armenians of Ottoman Empire in no way desire to bring up the question of independence or constitutional changes (regarding Armenian National Constitution). Their sole aim is to secure the reforms drawn up by Russia France and England and provided for in the Treaty of Berlin reforms which have remained a dead letter hitherto. In February 1914, the Armenian reform package passed.

In 1918, Boghos Nubar helped set up the largely Armenian Legion d'Orient. In 1919, he became president of the Armenian delegation at the Paris peace conference, representing Western Armenians; despite friction with the Republic's delegation, the two achieved a working relationship. He retired from politics in 1921, concentrating on welfare and construction. Boghos Nubar remained in Paris until his death in 1930.

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