Today is outstanding 20th century Armenian poetess Silva Kaputikyan's birthday

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Today is outstanding Armenian poetess of the 20th century, a writer and publicist, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Honored Worker of Culture of the Armenian SSR, Honored Worker of Culture of the Georgian SSR, winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree Silva Kaputikyan's birthday.

Silva Kaputikyan is the author of over 60 books in Armenian and Russian, also translated into many languages ​​of the world. In her poems Kaputikyan often referred to the topics of love, female loneliness, patriotism, and self-sacrifice.

Often in different countries, she closely communicated with representatives of the Armenian diaspora (both in Armenia and in the diaspora, the poem “Listen, my son” was especially popular), wrote a number of journalistic works (“Caravans are still going”, “Caravans are destroyed”, etc.) where the main problems of the descendants of Armenian refugees were painfully raised - the anguish, alienation, extinction of the Western Armenian language, the struggle for self-preservation, the search for identity, the efforts to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

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