Today is distinguished Armenian poet Paruyr Sevak's birthday

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January 24 is the birthday of the outstanding Armenian poet and literary critic Paruyr Sevak. Today, the poet would have turned 94 years old.

Paruyr Sevak was born in 1924 in Chanakhchi. He was the only son of Ghazaryans, who fled in 1915, like many other families, from the Ottoman Empire to Eastern Armenia. The gifted boy was noticed by a teacher from the rural school who persuaded his parents to send their son to school a year earlier. That was what Paruyr wanted himself. The future poet spent his childhood in an embrace with books. Reading was already the main passion of his life.

In 1937, Sevak moved to Yerevan and entered the university at the faculty of the Armenian language and literature. His first serious attempt to enter the world of literature dates back to 1942, when the poem “To be or not to be” was published. At the same time, Paruyr Ghazaryan officially took the pseudonym fixed for him long ago and became Paruyr Sevak.

In 1949 he went to Moscow, where he entered the Gorky Literary Institute. After graduation, Sevak remained in the same university to teach Armenian.

In 1960, Paruyr Sevak returned to Armenia. At home, he went to work at the Institute of Literature, where he wrote a brilliant dissertation on the works of Sayat-Nova. All his spare time Sevak spent writing.

In 1969, Sevak's new work - “Let there be light”, was suddenly banned for sale. Either the Soviet ideologists themselves found something inappropriate in the verses of Paruyr, or they were “helped” to find nationalist elements in Sevak’s work, one thing is clear, Sevak only added fuel to the fire, insulting the Soviet authorities publicly and making scandals in the Central Committee. He earned strongest neurosis, and doctors ordered him to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. They did not know thus they unwittingly signed a death sentence to him.

On June 17, 1971, Paruyr with his wife and two children were returning to Yerevan from the rest in the nature in his native Chanakhchi. According to the official version, while trying to overtake the truck, he lost control, which is why the car overturned. However, immediately after the poet’s death, the assumption arose that the catastrophe was rigged, to which the hasty funeral in the backwoods contributed a lot. There was not even an inquiry into the death of Paruyr Sevak.

Although Sevak was never secured a worthy place in the Yerevan pantheon, no one over the past years could expel the poet from the heart of the Armenians who loyally love him up today.

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