Today is Armenian renowned writer, literary critic Arshak Chobanian's birthday

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 Arshak Chobanian, an Armenian writer and literary critic, was born on July 15, 1872 in Constantinople to a family of jeweler from Agn village. He received his education from the local Makruhian school, then entered the prestigious Getronagan Varjaran (Central Lyceum) in Constantinople.  

He started writing at a young age, focusing mainly on translations from the French literature that were later published in “Arevelk” daily newspaper. His works were also published in “Masis” and other periodicals.

After graduating from the Getronagan Varjaran, he started to hold lectures in different schools. In 1890-1891, he became the author of  “The sounds of  dawn” (Arshaluysi tsayner) booklet.

Later he finished “Petros Durian’s life and activities”, that he had started to write in 1891.

In 1895 Chobanian moved to Paris, where he established the “Tsaghik” periodical. He published articles about Grigor Narekatsi, Hakob Paronian, Petros Adamian and many other, also French-Armenian writers.

After the political events of 1895, his initiative was interrupted. Chobanian left for Europe. In 1898, n Paris, his famous periodical “Anahit”. After that, he published his series of poems called “Trtrumner” (Shudderings) in 1892, followed by his first novel “Tughti Parki” (The glory of paper), later - his first play “Mut Khaver” (Dark Strats) and many other dramas and works.

Chobanian was a member of Ramkavar Azatakan Party (Armenian Democratic Liberal Party). He always paid huge attention to the Armenian people’s problems, who suffered in the conditions of the wars between the Turks and the Russians, he believed in the bright future of the Armenians.

In 1921, he gave speech during the Ramkavar Azatakan Party’s session, expressing his will to totally dedicate himself to the solution of the Armenians’ problems. After this speech, both within ADL and outside its framework, Chobanian enjoyed great respect by the Armenian people.

Later he wrote several articles on ADL activities, in such newspapers as “Apaga” (Future), “Paykar” (Struggle), “Arev” (Sun). He represented the party in the USA for 9 months, and already in 1927, he returned to Paris.

On February 10, 1934, Vahan Tekeyan’s 50-th anniversary was celebrated, where Arshak Chobanian made a speech. During the celebration of  the Armenian SSR 15-th anniversary in 1935, Arshak Chobanian once again spoke as an ADL member.

Chobanian died at the age of 81, on June 8, 1954 in Paris.

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