Today is Armenian renowned prose writer Vardges Petrosyan's birthday

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There are so many whys in life that if you put them all together, they will be more than all the answers in the world. So we just should not put them all together, we should not…

Armenian outstanding prose writer Vardges Petrosyan was born on August 9, 1932 in Ashtarak. After receiving his primary education, he entered and graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Yerevan State University. Simultaneously, he was engaged in politics, particularly being a member of the CPSU.

Then he started working. In 1954-1955, he was the responsible secretary of the Gavar regional newspaper, then for two years he worked as a literary worker in the Soviet Armenia daily and later in the well-known Armenian newspaper “Avant-Garde”. During this period, Vardges Petrosyan was also the editor of “Pioner Kanch” newspaper, after which he moved to the "Spring" magazine where he worked as editor-in-chief for 9 years.

Since 1975, Petrosyan was the first secretary of the Armenian Writers' Union department. He has worked for about six years on that position, after which he served as president for another 7 years. In 1994, Petrosyan established the "Yerkir Nairi" weekly.  

Vardges Petrosyan's life as a novelist began in the second half of the 1940s, and his first known work was published in 1947. His activity as a poet work started and finished in 1958, when his first collection of poems - "The Ballad of Man", was published, after which we only know the prose writer Vardges Petrosyan, who was popular yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Vardges Petrosyan is best known for his novels "The Last Teacher", "Letters from the Small Stations of Childhood", "The Ani Drugstore", "The Armenian Sketches" and also for his play "The Heavy Weight of Hippocrates' Hat". He also touched upon the Armenian Genocide. His "Krake shapik” (Fire shirt) novel is about the Armenian Genocide.

Vardges Petrosyan died in 1994. He is a winner of the Armenian Republic's State Prize, as well as Komsomol Prize.

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