Today is Armenian film director Frunze Dovlatyan’s birthday

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“Dovlatyan is one of those film directors whose works become a whole school of life. In his films, he equally demonstrates both historical and contemporary issues, speaking about complicated human relations and problems. I am glad that my career as an actor started with his popular “Hello, it’s me” film”.

Armen Jigarkhanyan


Frunze Dovlatyan was born on May 27, 1927 in Gavar, to the family of Vaghinak Dovlatyan, who together with his sister were performing at Gavar theatre.

During 1941-1952 he was an actor of the Azizbekov district’s drama theater and the Armenian drama theater named after Gabriel Sundukyan in Yerevan. Since 1943, he was playing in the movies. In 1947, Dovlatyan graduated from the theatrical studio at the Armenian drama theater, named after G. Sundukyan, in 1959 - the director's department of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (Gerasimov’s and Makarova’s workshop).

In 1959-1964, Frunze Dovlatyan worked at the Gorky Film Studio, as well as "Mosfilm". Since 1963 he was the  director of the "Armenfilm" studio (from 1986 to 1992 he was also the artistic director).

During 1981-1997, Dovlatyan was head of Yerevan Pedagogical Institute’s (currently, the Armenian State Pedagogical University, named after Khachatur Abovyan) Faculty of Culture.

In 1966-1969, Dovlatyan was First Secretary, since 1969 - the Armenian SSR Union of Cinematographers’  Secretary.

He was also a member of the artistic council of the State Committee for the USSR. Since 1951 Dovlatyan was member of the CPSU(b). and in 1989-1991 - People's Deputy of the USSR.

Frunze Dovlatyan died on August 30 (according to other sources - August 31), 1997. He was buried in Yerevan in the Tohmakh Cemetery.  


“Dovlatyan is an author of interesting, delicate, and meaningful creations, not totally young, but always beautiful, with artistic glow and romantic inspiration”.

Henrik Malyan

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