Today is Armenian prose writer Vakhtang Ananyan's birthday

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Today is Armenian prose writer Vakhtang Ananyan's birthday. Vakhtang Ananyan is author of adventure stories and “Animals of Armenia” book.

Vakhtang Ananyan was born in the village of Poghos-Kilisa (currently known as village of Shamakhyan, not far from Dilijan), in a poor peasant family. He graduated from several classes of the school, but later on he had to forget about his studies, since he helped his parents working as a shepherd.

After the October Revolution, he joined the Komsomol, continued his studies, began to send notes to the "Peasant Newspaper". He graduated from the party school. In 1931 his first book, In the Ring of Fire, on the adventures of teenagers during the Civil War, was published. 

Ananyan participated in the Great Patriotic War as a volunteer. After the war, his book on front essays, After the War, was published.

In the 1950s, he wrote a story about the adventures of adolescents “On the Bank of Sevan”, which was translated into several languages ​​of the peoples of the USSR and abroad and was reprinted several times.

In addition, Ananyan wrote a number of books on the nature of Armenia, collections of short stories and narratives, as well as the voluminous popular scientific work “Animals of Armenia”.

Vakhtang Ananyan died on March 4, 1980 in Yerevan.

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