Today is the International Teacher's Day

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Since October 5, 1994 to date, more than 100 countries around the world celebrate International Teachers' Day. The purpose of the day is to support and thank the teachers,who are the educators of our generations. Today, the event is widely celebrated through the efforts of 401 member organizations of "EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL and its member organizations.

The choice of the day is related to the "Teacher's Status Guide" adopted at the joint conference organized by the UNESCO and the International Labor Organization in Paris on October 5, 1966, which was the first international document to regulate teachers' work. According to UNESCO's policy, Teacher's Day symbolizes the recognition and evaluation of the enormous contribution of teachers in education and development.

In 2002 a stamp was issued in honor of the International Teachers Day. As to Armenia, here the Day of Teachers was formerly celebrated from the October 9, 2001, Decree N 919 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia on the first Sunday of October, and subsequently by the law of May 21, 2010, P-911-21.05.2010, With the addition of GO- 010 / 0, the day is celebrated on October 5 solemnly.

Taking into account the mission of the day, we want to congratulate and wish to all the teachers of the world, endless vigor and new achievements in the field of education.

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