Today is Armenian Diaspora writer Shahan Shahnour's birthday

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Shahan Shahnour (in his French language writings - Armen Lubin), born as Shahnour Kerestejian, was a French-Armenian writer and poet. He is considered a renowned Diaspora author in the Western Armenian tradition with his own style of writing.


He was born in 1903 in a suburb of Constantinople in the family of Taqar. He graduated from Berberian High School in 1921 and started contributing to "Vosdan" paper, mostly with translations. In 1923 he moved to Paris, where he worked as a photographer, and in 1929 he published his first novel, Retreat Without Song, after a serialized publication in the Harach newspaper of Paris (it is translated into several languages).


In 1933 he published his second book, also written in Armenian, The Betrayal of the Gods, which is a collection of short stories.


In 1937 he fell victim to a terrible bone disease (Osteolysis), which disabled him and caused him much pain and suffering for the rest of his life, mostly spent in hospitals after he lost his home in 1939.


In 1945, having partially recovered from his illness, he started writing in French under the name Armen Lubin, and from then on he was highly acclaimed as a French poet and received several literary awards. He published in French several collections of poetry: The Furtive Passer-by, Sacred Patience, The Nightly Transport, The High Cage, and Fire With Fire.


In 1962 a collection of his Armenian works was printed in Yerevan by the Armenian State Press. Several collections of his Armenian essays were published from 1958 to 1973, including Two Red Notebooks (1967) and The Open Register (1971).


On August 20 1974, Shahan Shahnour died in the hospital of Saint-Raphaël (in Southern France) because of his deteriorating health condition. He was buried in Paris.

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