"The damage caused to the environment is irreversible." Environmentalist

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"The Danish Export Credit Agency (EKF) stopped funding Teghut mine exploitation, reasoning that environmental and social problems were not solved," environmentalist Levon Galstyan said in an interview with "Hay Dzayn", referring to the recent visit by the Danish organization to the Teghout mine the reasons for terminating funding and its consequences.

Galstyan mentioned that all of the two Danish reporters have studied the topic of the mine and made it a subject of discussion and presented the facts, covered them in the Danish and German press, and after such discoveries, according to the environmentalist, the organization was unable to avoid Responsibility.

"EKF's message says that they have repeatedly appealed to Vallex for the environmental and social issues to be solved in order to meet the Danish company's prior criteria. The last time they warned one and a half months ago that if the problems were not solved, they would leave the program, taking the funding they provided - $ 62 million. As a result, Vallex did not do that, and the Danish organization decided to withdraw from the project by taking the funding, "said our interlocutor, underlining that ecological damage to Teghut was irreversible.

According to Galstyan, in recent years numerous alerts have been made, such as cutting forests, the failure of planting new forests, and the Shnogh river pollution. There are many problems, but they have not received adequate response.

"Nature has suffered such damage that talking about its rehabilitation is not realistic. Vnas is uninterrupted, "said Galstyan, adding that the Danish company's suspension of mine exploitation is a serious case-law for Armenia, so that other mining projects financiers also understand that they may face such problems.

On October 16, the Export Credit Agency (EKF), which promotes Danish exports, announced that together with the PensionDenmark private pension fund, it halted $62 million in aid provided to Vallex Group for the exploitation of the Teghut copper and molybdenum mine in 2013 noting that there are a number of issues, such as water pollution, the poor working conditions of Alaverdi copper smelter, and so on.

Interview by Gohar Makaryan

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