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ADL Formed "Panos Terlemezyan" Youth Club Board

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Dzewavorvets` RhAK <<P`anos T`erlemezyan>> eritasardakan akowmbi varch`owt`yowne_30382

As we have already informed, in 2017, Young people from Gyumri and other provinces of Shirak marz were inspired by the ADL Youth Forum in Yerevan on September 17.2017 to form the "Panos Terlemezyan Youth Club" on October 24. 


On November 11, the Panos Terlemezyan Youth Club meeting was held in the Shirak regional office with Karen Kakoyan, Deputy Chairman of the Central Board of ADL. Club members discussed their plans. 


The members discussed their future plans and their working plan.


It was decided to take part in the events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of December 7, 1988, earthquake and to hold an exhibition of young artists' works dedicated to the New Year celebration on December 23.


There was also a selection of club administrators. ADL members were elected as board members.


Coordinator - Roza Artoian

Shushanik Zarafyan - Secretary

Jasmen Mkrtchyan - Treasurer 



Hovik Karapetyan: ADL coordinator of Shirak marz structure


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