Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan's address on the New Year and Christmas

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Erewani k`aghak`apet Taron Margaryani owgherdze Amanori ew Sowrb tsnndyan toneri arhit`ov_38019

Dear citizens,

Soon we will bring in the year of 2018. On the crossroad of the old and the new we are summarizing the passing year with the firm confidence that we will strengthen and increase all the achievements we had in the passing year.

Today Yerevan is known worldwide as a safe, proportionally developing, kind and hospitable city. And all this is due to our consistent teamwork, the devotion and caring attitude of each of us and I am sincerely grateful to all of you for it.

Dear co-citizens,

The year of 2018 will be a jubilee for our beloved city. The capital of all Armenians will be celebrating the 2800th anniversary of foundation. Not every generation is so lucky to witness such a significant jubilee, to feel proud of centuries-old history and dynamically developing present of hometown. It is a fine opportunity to present our city to the world with dignity, to state once more that we, creative Armenians know how to appreciate and love our city.

Dear compatriots,

Dear residents and guests of the capital,

New Year is a special holiday in the calendar, when many people sincerely believe in wonder and are sure that it can come true.

In it is really true as there is some endless kindness and sincerity in every wish made on these days. Joining all these good wishes I wish love and warmth to all our families.

Let the year of 2018 will be the year of peace, progress,welfare and implementation of most cherished wishes for our country, our people and our capital city-Yerevan.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.





Yerevan Mayor

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