Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan’s congratulatory message on the Republic Day

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Erewani k`aghak`apet Taron Margaryani shnorhavorakan owgherdze Hanrapetowt`yan orva arht`iv_63124

Dear co-citizens, 


I congratulate all of us on the Republic Day. This year we are marking the centennial of the declaration of the first republic-the jubilee which has particular significance and meaning. A century ago the Armenian people united and showing incredible will and heroism defended their right to exist. During Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa battles, in spite of the obvious privilege in number and armed forces, newly-created Armenian Forces with the support of all layers of population defeated the regular Turkish Army which was trying to invade the last parcel of Armenian land. And it was at this time when the series of May victories began and due to them our country being in hardest conditions, blocked, full of thousands of refugees and starving people, became able to declare independence and initiate national statehood.
We remember and feel proud of our ancestors owing to whom we are alive today and have our country. Due to their heroism it became possible to build up our future becoming strong and defended.
Once again congratulating on the Republic Day, I wish that we continue the grateful deeds of our ancestors, make our homeland more powerful and prosperous with the strong will to pass a stronger, more developed and flourishing country to subsequent generations.



Taron Margaryan

Yerevan Mayor

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