Pashinyan says ready to resign

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says he will resign when the dismissal of the ministers and governors representing the ARF and the BHK will come into force de jure.

“When the decision of dismissing the mentioned ministers and governors will de jure come into force, I will resign from the post of prime minister after that. First of all so that no one thinks that I am clinging from the prime ministerial post. After that, the parliament must elect a new prime minister after 7+1 days. If a prime minister isn’t elected, another 7+1 days must pass, and it should elect a new prime minister. If it doesn’t elect a prime minister in this period, early elections of parliament take place.

If it turns out that the people are standing for early elections of parliament, we, together with the people, will be able to not allow the parliament to elect a new prime minister. But after resigning I will continue carrying out the duties of prime minister, according to the Constitution,” Pashinyan said at a rally near the parliament.

The PM called on President Armen Sarkissian to not sign the bill which was adopted by the parliament on amending the rules of procedure.

“The president must either sign the bill or apply to the Constitutional Court to object its constitutionality. I think you will authorize me to address President Armen Sarkissian from here right now to not sign this bill and address the Constitutional Court,” he said.

The PM entered the parliament to discuss the situation with the lawmakers who are inside.

“On April 16, 2018, I wanted to go to the parliament as the leader of the Yelk faction, now, as Prime Minister, I am entitled to enter the parliament 24/7. I will go to negotiate with the lawmakers and political forces there on overcoming the situation, and we will do it in an atmosphere of love and solidarity,” he said.

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