Today is Misak Metsarents's birthday

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Misak Metsarents was born in Binkyan village, in Kharberd province of Western Armenia. It is situated on the bank of the rivulet of Euphrate river- Aratsani, which is surrounded with wild nature, beautiful scenery, which had left a deep impression in future poet’s childhood memories. Later these impressions gave birth to wonderful lyrical songs.


Young Misak became literate in his native village. But soon his wealthy family had to leave the cradle of their ancestors. Metsatouryans moved to Sebastia (Svaz), where Metsarents continued his education at Aramyan College. Then he studied at Anatolia Boarding School in Marzvan.


In 1902 Metsarents came to Istanbul where his father had been already working for several years. The poet spent all his childhood without seeing his father. During those years his mother was his closest supporter.


Metsarents attended Central College in Istanbul. His teacher was Hrant Asatour, who was a famous writer; philologist and pedagogue, immediately noticed, assessed and encouraged his student’s first steps in poetry. During these years Metsarents studied Armenian history; Armenian and world literature, also French and English languages. But he didn’t graduate from Central College. In 1905 doctors advised him to interrupt his study because of his illness.


The first symptoms of deadly disease – tuberculosis appeared several years ago. The reason for it was a fatal accident. In Svaz a group of boys, confusing him with their enemy, injured him with a knife. The sudden attack and particularly the bloody scene threatened the timid boy. The disease increasingly got deeper and deeper. The relatives, friends were providing every effort to save the young poet’s life, but they didn’t succeed. Misak Metsarents died in 1908.


He began writing starting from 1901. Metsarents’ works were published in periodic media from 1903. He also collaborated with many Western Armenian publications such as “Masis”, “Hanragitak”, “Eastern Press”, “Light”, “Courier”, “Manzumei Efkiar”, “Buzandion”. During the years of studying he collected his first experiments in prose in a handwriting notebook named “Babakhumner”. Two collections of Metsarent’s poems named “Rainbow” and “New songs” were published in Istanbul in 1907.


Metsarents’ literary heritage consists of more than 130 lyrical poems, about a dozen of prose poems and stories, and several literary critical articles, where he explicated his creative principles, and defended himself against hostile criticism.

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