Before taking up his position the newly-elected Armenian president was hosted at Baghramyan Avenue, 26

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The newly elected President Armen Sarkissian and his wife were hosted at the residence of the President of Armenia today, prior to the inauguration ceremony.

President Serzh Sargsyan and Mrs. Rita Sargsyan welcomed Armen Sarkissian and Mrs. Nune Sarkissian. During the reception at the Presidential residence, Serzh Sargsyan noted that in a few minutes the ceremony of inauguration of the newly elected President would take place, and once again wished Armen Sarkissian success.

"Mr. Sarkissian, we have had many opportunities to speak about the imperatives of our country's development. I am sure that after a while we will be able to record success. We are simply condemned to success. Of course, I'm sure Mrs. Nune will support you since it's a necessity", - President Serzh Sargsyan said.

The newly elected President thanked Serzh Sargsyan and Mrs. Rita Sargsyan for hospitality.


"Mr. President, I also agree that there is no other way than success. I believe that the last 30 years, and especially the past ten years demonstrate that success. Of course, I look forward to working closely with you for many years. I am sure Nune will support, being my friend for 50 years and my wife for 40 years. We also have the brilliant example of how Mrs. Rita supports the president. So, I believe there is a lot to do. I am ready to work", - newly elected President Armen Sarkissian said.


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