Towards the dictate of consolidation

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Any revolutionary process involves the destruction of the previous system. This is normal. But do we realize that such processes undermine the collective strength of the society? The point here is that during the past three and a half months, no other opinions were accepted on the part of the revolutionary masses. Much has been said about this, I am not going to repeat it, but may the moment of truth come on the eve of August 17.

It's time to stop, analyze the path we passed, understand where the mistakes were made. There are no doubts that these mistakes were made on both sides. I believe that on the one hand the authorities, on the other hand, the sensible citizens who have no other interests in this country than promoting its progress and development, must find a way to sit at the round table. Probably, for some it seems strange, however already certain attempts are made.

During the last days we have witnessed two serious signals, which were not unexpected at all. Let’s attempt to draw conclusions from them, especially since in both cases the events tend to develop.

The first signal: despite the fact that the revolutionary masses are considering all the three Presidents in the same negative aspect, the ANC tries to differentiate in any way and clearly shows its support to the Prime Minister, which, however, is not yet perceived by the public. Moreover, the pacifist statement of ANC member Zoya Tadevosyan added fuel to the fire, and I'm sure the statement was not accidental and was aimed at probing public opinion. However, it became a kind of false start, and the lady was forced to apologize publicly.

The second signal: I do not consider the incident of Shurnukh village to be accidental. In fact, nothing extraordinary happened. It was just a demonstrative action, held by the non-traditional part of our society in a region where it could not initially be understood and accepted. I am convinced that in this way, many wished to remind our authorities not only of their existence, but also demand unconditional support.

I believe that before August 17, we can expect other signals as well. In this case, it will be logical if the executive branch shows willingness to listen to the opinion of other political forces and simply individuals. The authorities should make it clear to their most aggressive comrades-in-arms (usually those who are disappointed before others, this is life) that the rest of society are also human, and they love their country no less, and not all of them have problems with the law.

It's time to consolidate. We all have a few more days together to try to make August 17 a really significant day, halting the division and bringing people together, creating real prerequisites for dialogue. After all, our homeland is in danger.

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