People Residing in Dormitories Will Privatize the Occupied Residential Places

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The Executive Board passed the decision "On privatizing the residential areas occupied from Azerbaijan in 1988-1992 by people who have cquired RA citizenship". 


According to this, all the attached residencies to the staff of the State Property Management Department of the RA Government, in Yerevan, will be privatized by their residents.

By another decision of the Government, the operation of irrigation systems and water supply systems built under the Infrastructure and Rural Financing Assistance Program will be ensured. The decision envisages allocating facilities to those communities in whose administrative areas they are located.


Addressing the Minister of Territorial Administration and Development Davit Lokyan, Karen Karapetyan noted that donating the mentioned objects to the communities is correct, but it is necessary to follow their management process to avoid further problems. Touching upon the supply of gas to border villages, the Prime Minister instructed Energy and Natural Resources Minister Ashot Manukyan to consider all options, including alternatives, namely, the solar energy option.

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