Hay Dzayn Year-End Conclusion and Congratulations

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Another few days and the planet Earth will say goodbye to 2017. It was filled with many events, not all of them, unfortunately, happy. But what was the end of the year especially for Armenians? What achievements have we had and whether there were any gaps to be filled? We offer a small tour along Armenian Crossroads at the significant intersections of the coming year.

One of the most important achievements of 2017 is the fragile but stable peace preserved in Armenia and Artsakh. To some extent, regular monitoring of the line of contact within the OSCE, frequent visits by the Minsk Group co-chairs to the region contributed to this. Unfortunately, there were victims. But serious incidents, such as The April war of 2016 did not happen. Glory and honor to our brilliant boys, whose courage persevered by numerous hostile provocations.

We have other joyful news regarding the second Armenian state. Days of Artsakh were held successfully in France in November, with a regular contribution to the struggle of the Armenian people and the irrevocability of the pro-Armenian resolution of the Artsakh issue to be more perceptible abroad.

The long-awaited and essential agreement on the expanded partnership signed between the Republic of Armenia and the European Union in Brussels on 24 November is also worth mentioning. Indeed, the signing of this document underlined the flexibility and balance of the foreign policy pursued by our state, fresh, already giving the European direction to the foreign policy vector, at the same time not taking any stepbacks with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union and, first of all, with the Russian Federation reliable partner relationships.

Summing up the foreign policy issue, we want to separate President Serzh Sargsyan's year-end visit to fraternal Georgia. Here are two important things to remember. First of all, it seems that the second possible transport corridor is viable through the territory of Georgia, which, in fact, will eliminate the blockade of our country for already a quarter century. Anyway, the well-known statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia, the visit of the President of Armenia and the discussions held in Tbilisi give such hope. The second remarkable circumstance, that the parties expressly emphasized, in some cases, the interests of our countries do not coincide, but Yerevan and Tbilisi are respectfully and comprehensively approaching each other's political interests.

Yes, the most important event of the year in the internal political life was regular elections of the National Assembly. In general, they passed in a somewhat relaxed atmosphere when almost the ideological component was absent, so the campaign was more like a race of charismatic leaders. Perhaps this was the main reason why voters did not show much activity, and the outcome of the election was predictable and accepted by the majority of the public. We are also proud to state the Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan's, new economic policy aimed towards the free market and our friendly countries. Let's hope that this financial system will secure strong roots and will ensure sustainable growth.

The most important event was the pontifical visit of Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II to the Western Diocese of the United States. Since we are convinced that this was a significant step to unite Armenians at Burbank's official dinner. In his speech, His Holiness specifically mentioned: "Together, we will also be able to overcome the church split and antithesis ... When church life is split, the unity of national life cannot be preserved. We hope that with our Catholicos Aram I we will be able to overcome this situation and open a new page in the modern history of our Holy Church. " Truly, beautiful and such a vital craving ...

The 6th Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian Forum, which was held in September, gave a powerful impetus to the process of consolidation of the Armeniancy, which was quite aptly titled "Mutual Confidence, Unity, and Responsibility." At the end of the conference, the participants adopted a statement on readiness to pursue the goals of the Pan-Armenian goals.

One of the most critical events in the party's life was the first youth meeting of the ADL, which was attended by members of the Armenian and Diasporan party, members of the Supreme Council and the Central Board of ADL, and many newcomers. Delegates and guests raised the issues of youth, spoke about ways to overcome them. The words of Vartan Naziryan, the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Armenia (ADL), were addressed to the youth as a generalization of the participants' sentiments. "I want you to be faithful, serve the nation and the homeland, our present and future are here in Armenia."

We would like to commemorate the numerous events related to the cultural life of the Armenian community, mentioning the Mekhitarist Congregation, The series of events that took place regarding the 300th anniversary of the Congregation. They took place both in Armenia and beyond, presenting to the world the Armenological, philological, and religious divine activities as one of the gems decorating the priceless crown of the centuries-old Armenian culture.

During the year, we had many occasions to rejoice with the success of the Armenian athletes. Our beloved Henrikh Mkhitaryan became the winner of the Europa League, winning in the final. Arthur Alexanyan, a wrestler from Gyumri, once again confirmed his high championship, becoming a world champion and an excellent example for his teammate Maxim Manukyan who also stood on the honorable pedestal at the highest level. And the chess player Levon Aronyan has already taught us that he can gain a title at least three or four times a year, to the joy of the whole Armenian nation.

Perhaps, this is all. Indeed, we have been able to touch upon the triviality of the events of concern for Armenians in 2017, as this pre-celebratory analysis did not pretend to be extensive and did not pursue such a goal.

What kind of conclusions can we make out of 2017? Thank God, the year was peaceful for both Armenian states. Thank God, it was also an excellent year for our Diasporan compatriots. The only "hot" point in Syria seems to have finally been settled in peace. Thank God, our homeland continues to slowly but firmly follow the path of development, far from shocks. Let's wish the same for the coming year of 2018 which, by the way, will be a turning point in some sense. Armenia bids farewell to the presidential administration while entering a new stage of development.

Armenian Voice warmly congratulates all its readers, the New Year and Christmas of all Armenian people, desiring a cloudless sky above the Armenians living in any part of the world, and, of course, a peaceful service to the heroes who defend our borders. God Protects Armenian Families, let 2018 be a year of new marriages and births, new jobs and new scientific, cultural, athletic and other achievements. We, in our turn, will continue to adhere to the policy of our media outlet, which is based on impartiality and the idea of consolidating the nation.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

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