PM commends people’s self-reliance in both historic battles and “Velvet Revolution”

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Hay zhoghovowrde howyse dnowm e ir ew och` t`e owrishneri vra. P`ashinyane bats`ahaytowm e Sardarapati ew merorya haght`anakneri banadzewe_63184

The formula of victory of the Armenian people is relying on its own strengths and believing in victory, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in his remarks at the Sardarapat Memorial on Republic Day.

Today, Armenia and Armenians around the globe are celebrating the centennial anniversary of establishment of the First Republic of Armenia and the historic victory in the Battle of Sardarapat. May 28 is celebrated as Republic Day in the Armenian calendar.

According to the PM, each time the Armenian people won they’d decided they had to win and they believed in themselves.

“We have won and we will win in all the events when we will decide to win, when we will rely on ourselves rather than others, when we will not give in before any difficulty, when we will love, love unlimitedly our fatherland and each other, when we will not attempt to tie our personal interests to our own people and the state, when each and every citizen will realize that he is an owner in his country, not a vassal,” the PM said.

He said that this sense of an owner isn’t simply a right, but also a duty, in order each corner of the country and every countrymen to be treated with respect and dignity.

“100 years after this very victory of Sardarapat the Armenian people had their another glorious victory in April-May of 2018 – by establishing their own power in their own country. This victory seemed equally impossible. Many are still asking today, how it happened and why. The answer is the following – the Armenian people relied on themselves and not others, the Armenian people believed in itself, believed in its strength and future. The Armenian people  had to win, because the blood of the heroes of Sardarapat, Bash Aparan is flowing in its veins, the blood of Aram Manukyan, the blood of Tovmas Nazarbekyan, the blood of Movses Silikyan, the blood of Daniel Bek-Pirumyan,” he said.

The establishment of the First Republic was crowned with the proclamation of the Third Republic, was glorified with the victory of our people in the Artsakh War and gained worldwide fame with the non-violent people’s velvet revolution,” the PM said.

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