Armenia looking to build a new nuclear power station, says PM

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Hayastane mtadir e nor atomakayan karhowts`el. varch`apet_81811

Armenia will "try" to build a new nuclear power plant with the help of Russia, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with the Echo of Moscow.

"It is very important for Armenia to have nuclear power, and we are now working to extend the plant's operations by 2040," Pashinyan said.

"Before that we will try to build a new nuclear power plant, and I hope Russia will help us in the matter.

"Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have enough financial resources to independently start the process."

In 2006, Moscow took control over Armenia's power plants and distribution companies.

Russia provides more than 80% of the natural gas used by the nation and supplies all of the fuel for the country's sole nuclear power plant, the Metsamor.

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