Independence of Armenia and International peace: September 21

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Hayastani ankakhowt`yownn ow Mijazgayin khaghaghowt`yowne. Septemberi 21_22520

On September 21, 1991 a referendum was held for the independence of the Republic of Armenia. The preparatory work had begun in spring, with an active propaganda campaign. The main goal was to get independent from the USSR, to restore the Armenian independent statehood.

  However, after the preparatory work was completed, it was the strongest days of the "Yes" response to the referendum in early September. The Supreme Council of the Republic of Armenia, Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen I, the 3rd Pan-Armenian National Movement, the intellectuals' gathering, the Union of Cultural Workers, the Union of Writers, compatriotic and other unions have issued their calls for independence. Hrant Matevossian, Sero Khanzadyan, Hrachik Simonyan, Khachik Safaryan, Aghasi Ayvazyan, Vardges Petrosyan, Varduhi Varderesyan, Gohar Gasparyan, Ohan Duryan, Tigran Levonyan, Hovhannes Chekidjian and Levon Tokmajyan called on the people to vote for independence so did Eduard Mirzoyan, Maro Margaryan, Hovhannes Zardaryan, Tigran Mansuryan, Khoren Abrahamyan, Victor Hambardzumyan and others.


"Do you agree that the Republic of Armenia is an independent democratic state outside USSR?"

   On September 21, 1991, a referendum took place. The overwhelming majority of the population of the Republic of Armenia, 2,443,000 (or 94.39 percent of the eligible voters), say "yes" to the independence of the Armenian statehood. Based on the results of the referendum in 1991, on September 23, the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Armenia declared Armenia an independent state.

As every year, this year on September 21, the Republic celebrates with great enthusiasm the 26th anniversary of independence.


In 1981, the UN General Assembly proclaimed the Day of Peace that was to be celebrated on the day of the opening of the Assembly. At the outset, it was decided to mark the third Tuesday of September, and at the 55th session of the UN General Assembly on September 28, 2001, the holiday was set on September 21 as a day of ceasefire and violence denial.

  The holiday was first celebrated in 1982, and from that day on, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace. Every year, this day has its own peculiarity, in particular, last year, September 21, 2016, the phrase "Sustainable Development Goals are Components of Peace" was its slogan.


In order to launch the holiday, the United Nations is hitting the peace bell at its headquarters in New York. The call is made from the coins donated by children from all over the world (except for Africa), which has been donated by the United Nations Association of Japan as a symbol of "remembering human losses of war." There is a note on the ring: "Long life in the world for absolute peace".

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