Armenia and Iran are Discussing the Issue of Modernizing the Agreement that Excludes Double Taxation

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The representatives of the State Revenue Committee adjunct to the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the National Tax Service of the Islamic Republic of Iran discussed the issue of modernization of the agreement excluding double taxation between the two countries.


Vardan Harutyunyan, Chairman of the SRC of the RA, noted: "Tax and customs bodies and State Revenue Committee in Armenia will always be with Iranian businessmen." The same should be asked by our Iranian counterparts to assist Armenian businessmen. As the laws of Armenia and Iran are different, Armenian and Iranian businessmen frequently deal with issues that can be solved very quickly if the tax authorities of the countries have a better cooperation. The two countries have long ago ratified the agreement on excluding double taxation, simply our businessmen are unaware of this agreement or do not use it. In case of closer co-operation we will enable businessmen to be more active and develop economic ties.


The head of the IRI National Tax Service, Finance and Economy Deputy Minister Talhhi Najat, said: "The agreement is valid and we are ready to discuss all the obstacles that exist in the context of that agreement."

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