Hayk Kotanjyan: Our Diaspora can play a crucial role in ensuring cyber security

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Hayk K`ot`anjyan. Kiberhanvtangowt`yan apahovman gortsowm howyzh karewor der karogh e khaghal mer sp`yowrhk`e_22235

Head of Defense National Research University, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Lieutenant-General Hayk Kotanjyan, made a speech in "The Specifics of Defense Policy in Modern Challenges" session of the "Armenia-Diaspora" Pan-Armenian Sixth Pan-Armenian Conference held September 18-20 in Yerevan.


 Humanity enters the fourth period of scientific and technical revolution. It is characterized by the dominance of ICT in all spheres of the state, society and the life, as well as the activities of computerization. This creates new unprecedented possibilities, which bring with them new and completely unknown threats and challenges. Particularly, cybercrime has transnational nature when every aspect of the world is vulnerable to any other point when the physical frontiers and attacks of states are done instantly at computer speeds. In such circumstances, effective resistance to such threats is possible only through international cooperation. Therefore, each state must present itself as a cooperative state in order to establish partnerships with other nations, and the Republic of Armenia is constantly exposed to its aggressive neighbor's military attacks. These attacks have also been shifted from virtual space to virtual space. Therefore, the national security of Armenia and Artsakh is essentially conditioned not only by their traditional defensive potential, but also with cyberspace. And international cooperation is one of the most effective tools that enables us to develop cyberbulances in Armenia through the development of legal, institutional, technical and technological infrastructures, with a targeted improvement of cybersecurity, thereby promoting its cyber-security and enhancing its attractiveness in terms of international partnership. In terms of international cooperation, the military and political leadership of the Republic of Armenia performs considerable work by establishing scientific and technical ties, in particular, with leading US state and private organizations. From this point of view, it is noteworthy that on September 23-25,2015, the delegation headed by Deputy Defense Minister Ara Nazaryan visited Microsoft office in Armenia and fruitful meetings with the company's management, including vice-president, Diaspora-Armenian Vahe Torosyan. In this respect, the Defense Ministry of Republic of Armenia also has its own contribution to the establishment of close academic ties with the leading state scientific-educational organization of the United States National Security University, the National Defense University. The key component of this multilayered and multilateral cooperation is the partnership in cyber security. Particularly, several young specialists of the Armenian Defense University have undergone a scientific study at the American University of Information and Cybercrime College, which is the center of American excellence in the cyber space and an important structure that bridges public and private sectors. Within the framework of this cooperation, the specialists of the National Center for Security Policy and Information Technologies of the National Institute for Strategic Studies of our University developed and implemented the National Cyber ​​Security Strategy of Armenia, which was subsequently published in the mentioned college, as well as in the relevant NATO structure and the National Assembly of Armenia, Armenian Army "military journalism magazine. At present, the center is working out a project on the establishment of an innovative system for effective cyber-resource management in Armenia. The introduction of this system which involves the preparation of special managerial staff on the basis of common knowledge, for which the Center for Strategic Management of Cybernetic Resources is being developed simultaneously, which is expected to be launched in 2018 in autumn. This collaboration with the US National Liberation Center, the National Center for Excellence in Information and Cybercrime, creates profitable prospects for the development and implementation of effective mechanisms in the most promising American model of public and private sector bridges in Armenia. And our Diaspora can play an extremely important role here, as provision of cyber security is not a national one, but a nationwide issue, the solution of which requires the targeted consolidation of not only the human and material-technical but also organizational and intellectual potential of the whole nation, and personal connections.

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