Armenian is the language to speak to God

Armenian is the language to speak to God.


IROHA Center took part in the 5th festival of "Rural life and traditions" in Yerevan

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IROHA kentrone masnakts`ets` <<Gyowghakan kyank`i ew avandowyt`neri>> 5-rd p`arhatonin_98599

Author: Isakhanyan Gohar

Translation: Lusine Melkonyan

On September 15, the Armenian-Japanese center of education and culture, IROHA, operating in Yerevan, took part in the 5th festival of "Rural life and traditions", held in the Kirov Children's Park in Yerevan.

The participation of IROHA in the festival was memorable not only due to their beautifully decorated pavilion, which included handmade products of the center students, but also thanks to their performance of the traditional Japanese dance, called "Suzume Odori" ( - "The Dance of Sparrows"), which the audience liked so much that the dancers performed it for the second time.

The president of the "IROHA" center, Ruzan Khojikyan, in the interview with HAY DZAYN, noted that the purpose of their participation in the festival was to introduce the Armenian people to the magnificent culture of Japan, and they, actually, showed great interests towards the Japanese culture.

"Since the festival organizers invited participants of different cultures and representatives of different countries to take part, we decided to apply for participation, and we were provided with a pavilion, as well as a stage where we performed the traditional Japanese dance called" Suzume Odori ", - the center president emphasized.

According to Ruzan Khojikyan, the Japanese love all kinds of national holidays and festivals and do not miss the opportunity to participate in them. "All their holidays are accompanied by songs and dances. Having participated in the Harvest Festival, we wanted to introduce the audience to the Japanese culture, also to share our good mood. I hope we succeeded". Ruzan Khojikyan concluded that they plan to continue to take an active part in such events and festivals.

The festival of "Rural life and traditions" was attended by 45 farmers' groups, who presented organic agricultural products.

The organizer of the harvest festival is Yerevan Municipality, the founders of the "Green Lane" NGO, the OASI program support groups (the Initiative for Organic Agriculture Support).

Over the past 5 years, the number of participants in the festival of "Rural life and traditions" has increased from 50 participants to 200.


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