Karen Karapetyan Receives Delegation Led by VEON Group Chief Executive Officer

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Karen Karapetyan, Prime Minister of Armenia, received a delegation led by Jean-Yves Charlier, Chief Executive Officer of VEON Group.


Referring to the results of the VEON Global Leadership meeting held in Yerevan, the guests thanked the Government of Armenia for the favorable conditions created in the telecommunication sector, as well as for quick-responsiveness in addressing the problems raised by industry representatives.


The Prime Minister noted that the Government is interested in the development and expansion of the private sector; in particular through increased investment in telecommunications. Karen Karapetyan suggested paying greater attention to education, and thereby contributing to the development of highly qualified specialists for their businesses. The Premier added that the state is keen to promote cooperation between the business community and the system of education. He expressed confidence that it will help tap the potential available in information technologies and telecommunications.


“At today’s Cabinet meeting, we made amendments to tax and customs administration-related laws, which provide for crucial regulations for foreign investors. We are convinced that the business will appreciate the proposed amendments. The government is ready to respond to any problem emerging in business. We also plan further activities to develop the public-private sector partnership,” Karen Karapetyan emphasized.


Jean-Yves Charlier agreed on the importance of educational programs and noted that VEON is going to continue implementing investment programs in Armenia. He advised that the 2018 action plan for Armenia has already been prepared.


During the meeting, reference was made to the programs planned for Gyumri. In particular, the possibility of VEON’s involvement in the restoration of communication infrastructure was discussed.

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