The US and North Korean presidents held a historic meeting

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On June 12, at 05:15 Yerevan time, the long-awaited meeting between the US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un took place. The meeting, the results of which are not yet known, has already been called historic, as it was the first meeting of these countries’ presidents after the Korean peninsula war and the creation of two Korean states.

The historic meeting took place at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island near Singapore, which in recent days was under special control of the secret services. Organizing a meeting of the presidents of the two countries on its territory, Singapore emphasized its role in the region as an intermediary country.

As the world's leading media outlets note, in the past, the parties - the United States and North Korea - exchanged mutual insults and accusations, and now they preferred to exchange handshakes. Many experts note that this meeting will establish a long-term peace on the Korean peninsula.

Let’s recall the war between North and South Korea in the 50s that lasted three years and ended on June 23, 1953, with the signing of an armistice agreement. This means that these two states are still in a state of war de jure. In that war North Korea was supported by the Soviet Union and China, South Korea - by the US and its allies, which by the introduction of peacekeeping troops under the aegis of the United Nations, in fact, invaded the Korean peninsula. American intervention saved South Korea from the complete defeat in the war, for a long period dividing the Korean peninsula into two parts. Until now, US military bases are located on the territory of South Korea, ensuring the security of this state.

The division of the Korean peninsula is the main cause of military and political tensions in the Asia-Pacific region, and tensions escalated after North Korea, with the help of Pakistani specialists, began developing nuclear technologies and even conducted several experimental nuclear weapons explosions.

The meeting that took place in Singapore creates a real opportunity to start a dialogue between the two sides, which will sooner or later lead to the establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Prior to this summit, also a meeting between the Presidents of North and South Korea Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in was held, which contributed to the historic handshake with the US President Donald Trump. I think this meeting opens the door to new opportunities and prospects in the whole region.

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