Regular meeting of ADL Student Council initiative group took place

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Kayats`av RhAK owsanoghakan khorhrdi nakhadzerhnogh khmbi hert`akan zhoghove_84323

On August 2, at the Central Office of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) the regular meeting of the initiative group of the student council took place, in which active young representatives of the party partook. During the meeting, the upcoming plans, as well as the corresponding measures for their implementation were discussed.  

The importance of youth participation in new spheres, stable cooperation and providing warm and friendly atmosphere in the team was emphasized.   

Since the ADL establishment, history has proved that members of this party are responsibly approaching the issue of youth development.

The meeting also discussed the results of already implemented programs, which are very promising and show that further steps should be more confident and successful.  

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