The Governor's Offices will be Divided into two Functional Parts

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Marzpetarannere kbazhanven erkow fownkts`ional maseri  _29050

The RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development has publicly discussed the Concept of Territorial Administration, which will most probably be applied in 2018, if the RA Government agrees and will implement relevant legislative changes.


The new concept can be found on this link: Territorial Management Concept


The concept of the concept is the division of functions of the marzpetarans, development and management functions, which, in its turn, implies structural division. The concept suggests four key solutions to improving the efficiency of the territorial administration system or regional administrations.




The regional council becomes an advisory body that targets the main directions of the regional development policy. The Regional Development Council is the supreme governing body of the Marz Development Fund. The Regional Development Council will consist of 15 to 31 members (the procedure for forming the council will be determined by law). At least 2/3 of the members of the Regional Council will be the representatives of the communities in the marz. The Governor will chair the Regional Development Council sessions. Within the scope of the Regional Development Council, the regional programs will be set up, the regional foundations will decide on the purpose of allocating funds for community programs, adoption of a regional development strategy and other key issues.



Regional funds will be formed in the provinces to finance and implement regional investment and economic programs. Funding will involve investment, donor work, business and agriculture support, investment projects preparation, implementation and monitoring of the implemented programs. The regional budget will be formed by state and community organizations as well as from other financial sources. The Regional Development Fund will also include regional tools and tools for SME DNC and RIA. The Regional Development Fund manages the director, whose candidacy is approved by the regional governor at the Regional Development Council, in coordination with the Prime Minister of Armenia.




Within the framework of the functions of marzpets, functions aimed at providing citizens with services (including social security, veterinary services, network sub-regional infrastructure management, etc.) will gradually be raised and issues related to territorial development will be included.




1) territorial administration of social assistance;


2) construction and maintenance of intercommunity roads.


3) provision of veterinary services.


Consequently, the regional administrations will be functionally divided into two parts - the state governing body and the foundation.


The public administration body will have subdivisions of emergency situations, mobilization and civil defense, health care, education management, public transport, and local self-governance.


The foundation will have entrepreneurship, agriculture development, community and infrastructure development, social and tourism development, analysis and information units.

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