We need progressive country with gravitation

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RA Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan participated in the Armenia-Diaspora Pan-Armenian 6th Conference and delivered a speech at the Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex. Below is the full speech of the Prime Minister.




"Dear Compatriots,


I welcome the participants of the 6th Pan-Armenian Pan-Armenian Forum and wish them productive work.

The conference gives us the opportunity to discuss together the common issues we are concerned acocerned about, to plan our work, looking at our future and taking into consideration the lessons of the past.

First and foremost, my belief is that Armenia has a huge potential. I am convinced that we have all the chances to become a modern and progressive country and to respond adequately to all our internal and external challenges.



Today's world, including Armenia, goes through structural reforms. We have started reforms in all parts of our country, in all aspects of life, to secure Armenia's worthy place in the world.

That's why our reforms are related not only to the settlement and resolution of today's immediate issues, but also to lay the groundwork for making Armenia competitive in a changing world.

To become competitive and to develop, we need a stable, long-term growth in all aspects of our country's viability. That's why we need a sharp increase in effectiveness in all areas, and we need fundamental changes that change the way we think and act.

It's our team that has just started doing this, and we do not see any reason why we cannot succeed together.


Dear Compatriots,


Over the centuries we have been struggling and we have united our forces mainly at the moment when we felt a danger to our existence ... we are proud of the fact that our nation, unlike many other nations, maintained its identity and was able to constantly develop and create. We have gone through trials, persecutions, oppression, genocide and attempted extermination ... In all our troubles, our nation has never lost its self-esteem, dignity and did not give up the dream of having an independent Armenia. Our difficulties are incomparable to the difficulties our ancestors have passed through.



As a result we exist today, we have our INDEPENDENT COUNTRY. This is a supreme value.

I am convinced that building a modern, effective, logical, evolving history based on good traditions of history is an inspiring endeavor that we have to unite around.



We need to ask ourselves how we can participate and how we can serve that purpose.

We need to ask ourselves what others can that we connot, and we should "challenge ourselves".

I am convinced that today's goal is to have a Free, Safe, Fair and Intelligent Armenia, and we have all the preconditions for it.

Today we are 25 years old, young, independent, victorious, we have our Artsakh's back, guaranteeing Artsakh's right to self-determination and freedom of expression at any moment to respond to any encroachments.



Today we have more than 7 million Diaspora Armenians. Many have stood by Armenia since independence, representing Armenia at all corners of the globe, participating in the process of building our country in different formats. We are deeply grateful to them and appreciate this approach.

It is also a fact that some have been objectively and subjectively disappointed. What can we do: stop talking to each other, get obssessed with it?



I am convinced that we have no right to be despondent, disappointed, frustrated, and disdainful to each other. It's just illogical and unplanned. Even if we do not have all of our share of sin, we all have more than we can do.

We need to face each other and continue the work we have begun together to build on the country we all dream about - the country that wakes up every day to build, develop and add something new to its supreme value.



We need an advanced and developed country that will have a gravitational force that will put migration flows in a positive way and will be able to resist the painful phenomenon, such as isolation from the community, from the "emigration from the Diaspora".

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