The Mekhitarist Congregation is a window for us to Europe. Vardan Devrikyan:

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Mkhit`aryan miabanowt`yowne mez hamar patowhan e depi Evropa. Vardan Dewrikyan_21743

"The Classical Period of the Mekhitarist Congregation can be regarded as the period of its founding until 1901, when the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Church was celebrated with great joy, and in the same year, two symbolic events took place. Father Ghevond Alishan, the embodiment of the Mkhitarian dream and comprehension, and Father Barsegh Sargsyan wrote the 200-year history of the Mekhitarist, meaning the way they passed, "literary critic Vardan Devrikyan told Hay Dzayn.




According to him, these 200 years have been unique years for Armenology since the Mekhitarists have published monuments of ancient Armenian literature, Armenian literature has been subjected to a certain periodicity, in parallel with which the Armenian poetry has gained considerable heights. Both Armenian classic and Armenian romantic poems reached their peak thanks to the Mekhitarists. The unsurpassed creations of Armenian classicism became the poem of Arsen Bagratuni's "Hayk Dyutsazn", ​​and Armenian romanticism, Alishan's "Song of the Nahapet". "One of the most important services provided by the Mekhitarists to the Armenian people is the achievements of European science and world literature that translated and presented to the Armenian people such as Milton and Byron, as well as presenting the cultural achievements of the Armenian people, to the world by publishing the works whose original texts were not preserved languages, Latin and Greek. The Mekhitarists printed them in grabar, and in Latin and Greek.




Thus, Mkhitarists became ambassadors of Armenian culture in Europe. And today we have 2 expectations from the Mekhitarists: to preserve the legacy accumulated over the centuries, collected by the Mekhitarists, first of all, manuscripts which were chosen electronically from Armenian monasteries and concentrated in Venice, books with fine miniatures and so on, and expecting that the model of our culture continues to present the achievements of Armenian culture to foreigners " , said Davrikyan, adding that following the closure of Melkonian College in Cyprus, the Mekhitarist Congregation in Europe is the platform for Armenianness to be kept and as it is a window for us to Europe.




According to Devrikyan, the unity can be helpful for the Armenian people in the fields of culture and science, since the unity is a huge heritage during the 300-year history. According to our interlocutor, the traditions of the Mekhitarist continue to date, and the proof of it is the publication of one of the oldest periodicals of the "Polygraph", which is the 4th journal of all Italy.

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