Reflections on Armenia-EU Partnership Agreement

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 The closer the Armenia-EU comprehensive and expanded partnership agreement is the more tension around the issue. With increasing numbers of disbelievers, some Russian circles, to put it mildly, are concerned about the issue, which in many cases interpret the signing process as an attempt to break out of the economic and military-political cooperation of the EEU and CSTO.


The signing of the agreement in its form is truly unprecedented, as many of the Eastern Partnership member states, signing the EU Association Agreement, refused to participate in the EU and CSTO systems. And Azerbaijan, for example, failed its relations with the EU, at the same time not partaking in the CSTO or EEU cooperation. In the latter case, it did not happen due to the activity of the Armenian side.


However, it is possible that a bilateral agreement will be signed in 3 days, on November 24, which will bring Armenia to a new status. It will be unique in its form and not only because Armenia is the only member state of the EEU and CSTO, which signed a similar comprehensive agreement with the European Union, but also because the state officially emerging from the Eastern Partnership, Armenia also becomes one, which, nevertheless, succeeds in reaching a common agreement with the EU after long negotiations. By the way, a process that did not succeed in Ukraine.


If this process is achieved and the agreement is signed, this will be an exceptional success for Armenia and the biggest victory of the Armenian diplomacy. This fact can also be explained by the visit of RA President Serzh Sargsyan to Moscow and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's visit to Yerevan these days. It is clear that Armenia, with its strategic and military deep relations, is particularly concerned about security issues, it must represent itself as a major ally Russia, with which it has long-term experience in the field of security.


These days, when the West-Russia relations are more aggravated, the signing of such an agreement may give Armenia exceptional significance in carrying out a mediatory mission in these relations. It should be noted that Armenia is one of the exceptional states that builds relations with the sides rather than using their disagreements, but thanks to cooperation, which means that Armenia also benefits from the bilateral and EU-Russia relations.


As a result of signing the agreement, Yerevan may become an exclusive platform that will first gain the confidence of both sides, and secondly, it will be able to organize a dialogue to improve relations with the West-Russia strained relations. This is a process that stems from the national interests of Armenia, which will strengthen the security and strategic issues of the state, creating favourable conditions for Armenia.


Armen Manvelyan, Candidate of Historical Sciences

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