He has never been an observer, he is a fighter: a meeting dedicated to Yervand Azatyan's book's presentation

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Today, on September 19, the presentation of the book "Together with time and contemporaries" was held at the Tekeyan Center in Yerevan. The author of the book isthe writer, publicist, member of the Ramkavar Azatakan Party (ADL) Supreme Council, the Chairperson of Tekeyan Cultural Union of the United States and Canada YERVAND AZATYAN.

At the presentation of Azatyan's already 6th book, there were literary critics, prominent figures of art and culture, teachers, etc. Hakob Avetikyan, the editor-in-chief of AZG weekly, the chairperson of ADL Central Board, opened the event with a welcom speech. He briefly presented the fertile creative activity of Yervand Azatyan, both in journalism and in literature. Hakob Avetikyan noted: "For all his rich biography, he has never been an observer.Azatyan is a fighter, whose weapon is his pen".

The chairperson of Tekeyan Cultural Union, the rector of the Armenian State Pedagogical University Ruben Mirzakhanian congratulated Yervand Azatyan on the publication of his new book, emphasizing that Azatyan is the most outstanding intellectual of the diaspora. "This is not an exaggeration, my knowledge in this field allows me to testify that there is no name that we can put next to the name of Azatyan. He is a person whose qualities we should be proud of. His book is a huge gift for the Armenian intelligentsia".

The deputy chairperson of the Writers' Union of Armenia, literary critic Petros Demirchyan presented Yervand Azatyan’s invaluable contribution to the literature, because due to his efforts a number of Western Armenian writers’ works avoided oblivion and are presented to the public. Demirchyan emphasized: "Azatyan is one of those people thanks to who the Western Armenian has survived".

The literary critic, playwright and prose writer Alexander Topchyan, joining the congratulations, stressed Azatyan's role in the field of literature, noting that he surprisingly manages to provide a connection between the writer and the reader. Topchyan also noted Azatyan’s role in publishing books of writers of the independence generation, which in the 90s was rather difficult, but at the same time very useful.

Summing up the event, Yervand Azatyan thanked those present: "Thanks to you, I have known myself. I thank you", - he said.

The author noted that the Western Armenian in all its glory, which is found in the works of Siamanto, Tekeyan and Varuzhan, is impossible to meet nowadays.

"Western Armenian gives me great potential but it is in its death struggle now and I'm perhaps one of the last soldiers, fighting for Western Armenian ", - the writer added.

Let us remind you that the editor with many years of experience, publicist, party figure, foreign member of NAS RA, Honorary Doctor of YSU Yervand Azatyan is the author of six books.

Author: Gohar Makaryan

Translation: Lusine Melkonyan

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