Armenian is the language to speak to God

Armenian is the language to speak to God.


First take the log out of your own eye | On Azerbaijani Hypocricy

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Elbrus Mammadov, head of the Caucasus Center for Human Rights in Tbilisi, expressed grave concern over the Georgian government's intentional change of Turkish / Azerbaijani names of landmarks. According to Mammadov, The European Center for Minority Issues (ECMI), which deals with the rights of national minorities in Europe, has published a report containing precise information that the names and torments of Azerbaijani settlements in Georgia have been renamed in the last 50-70 years periodically. And this is not the case for other minorities. For example, in 1990-91, the village of Aballin in the Bolnis region was renamed as Javshanian, Arkhli - in the direction of Dastidur, Gochulun - Chapala and so on. And no Armenian village in Samtskhe-Javakheti region has been renamed.


The head of the center thinks that this attitude towards historical and cultural heritage are directed against the Azerbaijani community, and the Azeri officials agree. In particular, Azerbaijani officials working in the territorial bodies have approved the renaming of 19 such settlements for the sake of their narrow humanitarian interests, and only due to the involvement of some non-governmental organizations, this process has been halted. The latter at the same time regretted that no state institution in Georgia has attempted to restore the old names of the localities, which constitute an inseparable part of the history of the nation.


For the sake of justice, to alter the names of the valley, the hill, the cliff, the river, and so on, is just vandalism. As it is the summary of the biography of the community which belongs to the area. Erasing the people's history means to subject them to white genocide. And Azerbaijan itself is irreconcilable in that. If Mr. Mamedov is an impartial expert on human rights, he should also examine the history of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region. When Baku authorities consistently erased and changed the map of historical Armenian names for about seven decades making Stepanakert the village of Khankendi, Vank village, Vanklu, Altay, Karvachar - Kelbajar, Chartar - Chertaz, Berdashen - Ghez Ghalah and so on. Hundreds of Armenian settlements found in the territory of Soviet Azerbaijan have been given this fate, of course, based on fictitious historical theories.


The policy of destruction of historical names and cultural heritage, formerly inhabited by Armenians, is continuing. The memory of Mammadov and his friends is hardly short to remember how Nakhijevan was organized to demolish5000 khachkars of the Old Jugha cemetery,  in front of everybody, shamelessly. The old Armenian cemetery no longer exists, and the area has now turned into a shooting range. What Kind of Ambition Is It?


In Azerbaijan, vandalism is a consequence of explicit state policy. 2005 On December 14, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev called on his "scientists" to try to prove to the international community that Armenians are newcomers to Karabakh from the late 19th century. And to "prove" the president's thesis, naturally, the Armenian cultural property under their jurisdiction was supposed to be destroyed. The son successfully continues the dirty business of the vandal father. Prominent expression of this is the only Armenian church in Baku that is currently used as an archive of the president's office.


After all, talk about the inadmissibility of renaming "Azeri" places in Georgia is nothing more than usual cynicism.


As they say, first take the log out of your own eye...





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