Prime Minister visits Union of Veterans

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Nikol P`ashinyann ayts`elel e Hayastani veteranneri miavorowm_100705

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has visited the Union of Veterans today and met with its members.

President of the union Simon Yesayan briefed the PM on their activities and addressed various issues of concern to the veterans.

The Prime Minister congratulated the veterans on Independence Day and noted that he views the three republics of Armenia as phases of establishment and development of the people’s statehood, phases which the people had to pass through unavoidably. “I myself was born in the second republic, my grandfather, whose name was also Nikol, surname Pashinyan, and I was named after him, hasn’t returned from World War II, and due to these circumstances I feel myself here in an atmosphere of close people and I am grateful for this warmth,” he said.

He emphasized that the state should duly value the contributions of veterans to the country.

“It is very important and we will try to gradually solve the problems. I came here today to pay homage to you, your path, your contribution in both war and work, both public and political life, and to say that the Armenian government, without any doubts, has the warmest feelings for you, veterans of war and work, for all those people who during their lives have laid brick on brick, people who have endangered their lives for their country, and those who today are wishing the best future to their children, grandchildren and for whom the Armenian independence, sovereignty are the supreme value. This sovereignty and independence not only doesn’t get into contrast with our past and history, but we view it as its logical continuation,” Pashinyan said.

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