New film dedicated to the Spitak earthquake has been shot: Music author Serge Tankian (video)

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Nor film, i hishatak Spitaki erkrasharzhi. erazhshtowt`yan heghinake T`ankyann e (tesanyowt`)_98719

  A new film about the December 7, 1988 devastating earthquake of Spitak has been shot. The author of the film music is the American Armenian musician, the vocalist of the "System of a Down" band Serj Tankian. The film "Spitak" is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the earthquake.

The director of the film, entitled "Spitak", is Alexander Kott. The film will be shown the cinemas of Armenia on September 20.

The film will premiere in Russia in December.

On his social networking page in Facebook Tankian published the first trailer of the film, in which you can hear the music he wrote:

“Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to do the musical score for “Spitak”, a dramatic film about the catastrophic earthquake that changed Armenia in December of 1988, nearly 30 years ago. Below is the first trailer for “Spitak". This award winning film directed by Alexander Kott will open in theaters across Armenia on September 20. The film will premiere in Russia in December accompanied by the soundtrack release. We will announce release dates for the film for other countries as they are confirmed. #spitak #spitakfilm #serjtankian”.

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